SalVinCo offers 12 Volt IP65 Waterproof Motion Sensor Courtesy Light

Motion-activated lighting is extremely useful in places like walkways, stairs and storage areas. You may find yourself in need of light when your hands are not free, or you may not have access to install a light switch, or you simply want the convenience. SalVinCo’s new Marie 12-volt LED Motion Sensor Courtesy Light is the perfect solution for these lighting challenges.

With a motion detection range of 120°- and seven-feet distance range, Marie, when triggered, will offer courtesy light for 30 seconds.

The IP 65 waterproof design of Marie allows for both indoor and outdoor surface mount installation and there is a choice of black or white durable plastic housings. Simple 2-wire, polarity sensitive (black wire+12vdc, white wire ground) connection to your 12vdc system. The base contains 4 pre-molded holes for easy surface mounting. The mounting hardware (not included) is hidden by the housing after installation.

Marie’s soft 25 lumens of LED light output (3500K color temperature) is the perfect ambient light for your courtesy lighting needs. Efficiently using energy and providing light only when triggered, Marie consumes only 0.6 watts.

The Marie is a compact 2.5” square fixture (rounded edges) with a 0.75” protrusion.
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