These days businesses and organizations of all types are looking for ways to save money and SalVinCo's CKS Florida division is now offering the Force Energy Saver to commercial electricity consumers of 50kw or higher.

The FORCE is a brand new technology, a mineral based component with no moving parts.
 It also has a variety of applications, from mega yacht to restaurant and water park to apartment complex.

This technology is a power stabilizing system which approaches power instability by reducing resonance, harmonics, resistance and imbalance and has proven energy savings of 5-22%. 
The FORCE generates surplus electrons and replaces electrons that are lost through leakage and incidental to wiring insulation degradation. By adding electrons, the flow of electricity and conductivity is improved since electrons are the force behind electricity. The FORCE improves electrical efficiency to deliver power that is of a higher quality, thereby making equipment operate smoother, quieter and cooler and ultimately reducing electricity usage and ensuring longer equipment life.  
FORCE and its components are safety certified by 14 worldwide agencies, including UL and MET Labs. In addition, the FORCE has been proven to result in no harmful side effects to an existing system. 
Easy to install and maintenance-free, the FORCE requires no upkeep or additional maintenance and has a 5-year warranty and expected lifetime of 15 years. 
FORCE will pay for itself out of savings from the electric bill. Typical return on investment periods can be as short as 1 year, so with the 3-5 year finance option owners can immediately reduce their net monthly expenses without the burden of much upfront cost.

Used by over 700 satisfied customers worldwide since 2007, it's ideal for a variety of businesses and other large users, including production facilities, medical facilities, nursing homes, sports and amusement complexes, restaurants, malls and golf courses. FORCE may even be applied to power company sub-stations to stabilize power and reduce electric loss between the sub-station and its customers, immediately reducing operating costs by reducing electric waste. In a similar way, large vessels and cruise lines also benefit. FORCE units are individually and custom applied based on an owner's specific needs and usage on a Kilowatt (Kw) basis, with no upper limit. The smallest standard units offered are for usage applications of at least 50Kw (as indicated on monthly electricity bill) with larger standard units able to cover up to 1000kw. A free Cost Savings Analysis and risk-free 30-60 day pilot process is always available. SalVinCo can prove the savings to an owner, before the sale. Watch the FORCE VIDEO to learn more at:

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