Many of us have had loved ones that have suffered needlessly due to unavailability of certain treatments. While we understand that Cannabis is not a cure-all, there is much misinformation and controversy out there about its use. Education is a key factor, which is why we are donating a portion of proceeds from our new Audience LightTM line to further education and research on the medical use of Cannabis. 

Our Audience LightTM is a step outside our general product line, but we wanted a distinctive promotional product which has infinite ways of customizing its artwork. The 3-D light art illusion provides great ambiance, has 5 color settings (red, blue, green, purple, cyan) and a “speaker music” mode. You can play music using Bluetooth or memory card port. The standard design format is 5.7” h x 7.87”w; base is approx. 3.4” h x 1.5” diameter. It is lightweight, portable and rechargeable with USB cable included. Your artwork may be trimmed to enhance the specific design detail.Current Audience Light products for sale

Audience LightTM offers you not only an exclusive way to present your product or logo for promotion or a dealer thank you / remembrance gift; it also provides a contribution to our education cause.  Suggested retail price is $59.00.  - learn more