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Knot- Surface mount ceiling light with switch, Xenon, or LED bulb options
$22.00 $5.50 Sale
In Stock
Knot- Surface mount ceiling light, Xenon 10 watt or LED options
$17.00 $4.99 Sale
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Tube LED - Reading / Wall light with tear drop base and rocker switch, 12 volt - 24 volt (10-30v) dc
$45.00 $39.99 Sale
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$32.00 $23.00 Sale
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FriLight 8308 Ringo Recess Ceiling Light, 12 volt 10 watt
$17.00 $12.99 Sale
In Stock
Muave' built in convection microwave is Ideally sized for your boat galley, RV or house kitchen.
$549.00 $229.00 Sale
In Stock
Muave' model is one the smallest microwave ovens on the market. Ideally sized microwave ovens for your boat galley, RV or house kitchen or other compact area.
$159.00 $99.00 Sale
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