LED Reading Light with USB Port

Finding a place to charge up your devices is now easier with the new USB LED Reading Light with Flex Neck and Night Light. With the USB port conveniently integrated into the base of this fixture, additional access to “power up” is easier than ever.

The insightful design of this USB LED Reading Light includes a flexible tube neck to allow for multi directional focus with even lighting from the acrylic lens. The built-in night light feature offers subtle lighting (blue or white LED color options).  Fixture operates with soft touch switch function – touch once and night light turns on, touch again and reading light turns on (in addition to night light), touch again and both lights turn off. 

 This compact metal fixture is offered in satin nickel color with decorative cover plate to hide the mounting hardware (included).

Save energy and as you enjoy the ambiance of this bright soft 160 Lumens of LED light output (3500K) which operates with only 2 watts. The USB Port is rated at 5v, 2.1 amps. and is suitable for most all USB devices.

The overall extended length of this USB Reading Light is 6.09”. When flexed to a 90 degree focused angle, there is an approx. 3.7” protrusion with 4.5” length. The diameter base of the base is 2.36”.  The diameter of the flex neck is 0.35” and the fixture head is 2.16” long.