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  3. 12 volt Dimmer (12vdc) rotary dimmer, 2 amps, FriLight bd1209
12 volt Dimmer (12vdc) rotary dimmer, 2 amps, FriLight bd1209
12 volt dimmer - LED Dimmer - FriLight bd1209

12 volt Dimmer (12vdc) rotary dimmer, 2 amps, FriLight bd1209

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12 volt Dimmer (12vdc), rotary dimmer, 2 amps maximum
ID Number: bd1209
Availability: In Stock
Features: Part of our versatile Color Collection.
Choose bezel/knob color.
Colors can be coordinated to match various light fixtures.
Dimensions: OD 2.36" (60mm) square
1.25" (32mm) recessed depth
0.75" (19mm) profile (protrusion from wall)
Specifications: 12 volt DC
24 watts at 12v DC (2 amps max).
Fuseholder with 2 amp fuse included.
Colors: Knob and Bezel: Chrome, White.
Additional Details: Screw Mount
Dry location only
Rotary dimmer, click on -off
Versatile dimmer for use with 12 volt incandescent, halogen, Xenon and LED lights.

Features/Options [+ adds to price if indicated]

Our 12 volt dimmers can be used for low wattage 12 volt DC incandescent, Halogen, Xenon or LED lights, including the FriLight and Bee Green Lights and LED Bulbs we offer on our web site.
 Dims approximately from 30% to 100% of full brightness

Dimming Range is approximately 30% on to Full on.
Rotary knob clicks on / off.
Rotate clockwise to click on and then ramp up from 30% minimum to full on.
Rotate counter clockwise to ramp dimming down to about 30%, and then unit will click off.

NOTE: This dimmer is only for use with resistive loads, and so is NOT for use as a motor control.

This 4 wire 12 volt dimmer is great for New Installations & Retrofits. It can replace an existing switch provided you have access to both power + and -. 

Install inline between the power source and the lights.
The dimmer must be connected to - ground.
The Load must have a "Floating Ground".

Refer to the Wiring Diagram below.
FriLight bd1209 12 volt dimmer

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