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Microwave Ovens

Our Small Microwave Ovens are ideally sized for your boat galley, RV or house kitchen - or other "size limited" cooking area.

Our Muave' microwaves offer design features which make it easy to use - like push "green" to start and "red" to stop.

We also have direct microwave oven replacements for some of the discontinued models including: Franklin Chef, Origo microwave, Tappan Microwave, Contoure Microwave, Haier and Frigidaire to name a few..
Microwave Ovens: Sub-Categories
  • Small Microwave Small Microwave
    Our Muave' line of compact microwaves offer a stylish look for your compact space.
  • Boat Microwave Oven Boat Microwave Oven
    Boat Microwave Oven - compact units designed to fit / replace your Franklin Chef, Origo Microwave, Tappan Microwave, Contoure Microwave and others.
  • Built In Microwave Built In Microwave
    Built in Microwave oven - for RV or Boat - compact size.