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12 volt LED lights encompassing interior LED boat lights and LED replacement bulbs for RV light bulbs was the original focus of SalVinCo LLC.
We’ve evolved to pairing 12v LED bulbs for retrofit in LED marine lights and RV interior lights based on their unique sizes, energy savings and illumination aspects.
Our line of interior 12 v LED lights includes: 12 volt LED Reading lights; 12 Volt LED Work Light; 12 Volt LED Chart Lights, 12 Volt LED Utility Lights; LED Rigid Strip and 12 volt LED Courtesy Lights.
For those looking for the traditional 12 volt light with Xenon, halogen and incandescent bulbs, we carry those as well. 
We offer a stylish selection of light switches and LED dimmer control as well as some water resistant IP rated lights.
Additionally, we offer small microwave and convection microwave ovens geared towards RV and marine and other compact cooking areas.

Many of our light fixtures now offer multiple intensity 3 Way LED or two color LED bulb options.

Check our our new "Thin" LED

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Need LED bulbs? We also carry a very diverse selection of 12 Volt LED Bulbs (many of which are also usable as 24 volt LED bulbs) that can be used to upgrade existing fixtures.
Bee Green LED Bulbs--
NEW - 360 LED Even Distribution
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12 volt LED light technology is a revolution for saving energy by producing equivalent or greater light output (lumens) at greatly reduced power consumption levels. As of May, 2012, energy savings of LED bulbs are 80% better than halogen of the same lumens. LED technology has also spurred a revolution for new concepts in individual lighting design.
Our power saving LED light fixtures come standard with warm white LED bulbs. We also offer optional cool white LED bulbs, blue LED bulbs and red LED bulbs for most products.

The red LEDs and blue LEDs are great for night time accenting; as well as for night navigation (for night time boat cabin lighting, helm lighting and deck lighting to allow safe maneuvering of personnel and chart reading, while maintaining your ability to see to navigate).

We also offer 12 volt LED bulbs as replacement bulbs for upgrading existing 12 volt light fixtures. We offer our replacement LED bulbs in the various color temperatures (warm white LED bulbs, cool white LED bulbs, blue LED bulbs, and red LED bulbs). Our 12 volt LED bulbs typically operate on an input voltage ranging anywhere from 10 volts to 30 volts, so our LED bulbs can typically be used in 24 volt light fixtures as well. Always confirm the specifications on the LED bulb web page to ensure voltage ratings are compatible.

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